Frequently Asked Questions

The crucial difference is in the names and borders. Blank - without names and borders (empty map). Special is with country names, and borders (states, provinces, and territories). Prime is with country names, and borders (states, provinces, territories + Antarctica pieces and cool wooden accessories.)

We handcraft maps with geographical names engraved in English and Arabic languages. Contact our managers for more

Check the height and length of the wall you intend to decorate by using an app or a tape measure. Now compare the results with our infographics.

We have the following map sizes:

  • – the size plays well with the interiors of the small rooms.
  • – the one-size-fits-all option for any interior.   
  • XL – the most popular size.  
  • XXL – the eye-catchy size that makes a great impression every time someone passes by!

Yes. Every purchase comes with ocean names, wooden planes, boats & a compass.

Absolutely! Our products come with a lifetime warranty (the document is provided with the set).

Our maps include almost all the countries and islands, except for the super small ones.

Note here: Our map can’t be used educationally. It is a piece of artistic décor, not a geographical tool for visual learning.

All of the wooden maps are provided with double-sided sticky tape. It works well for most wall surfaces. Besides, the tape is strong enough to keep all the fragments of the map hanging on the wall. At the same time, it doesn’t stick to wallpapers.

If you want to remove the map (about to get a new one, right?), use a hairdryer. Direct the airflow in the right direction – between the map fragments and the wall. Now, wait a bit and remove them one by one.

In order to re-install the map, ensure to buy more sticky tape (the old one won’t work anymore!).

There are no particular rules here; however, there are some quick recommendations. When mounting the map, ensure to avoid:

  • Damp areas;
  • Direct sunlight;
  • Using abrasives on its surface.

We ship to all Gulf Countries. (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait).

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Please, contact our support manager

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Of course.However,the color of the new fragments might slightlydifferfrom the one on your map. Contact our customer service to clarify the